Dynamica is a top quality supplier of new replacement caterpillar parts (import and export). We provide many leading brands, made by Major American, Italian and Brazilian manufactures; we cover all the Lebanese market, the surrounded region and all Africa. Our stock contains more than 15000 items distributed on the following categories: Undercarriage, Engine parts, Fuel injection parts, Seals & Gaskets, Turbochargers & Cartridges, Hydraulic Parts, Power Train, Brake Parts, Belts & Hoses, Electrical Parts, Accessories and more. We are the dealer of Italian brand ITR from Usco, American brand CTP from Costex and the authorized distributer for American brand AZ and...

Branch 1:

Deir El-Zahrani - Highway Nabatiyeh

Tel./Fax : 07-532497

Mobile   : 71-114019

Email : sales@dynamica-lb.com

Branch 2:

Highway - Zahle

Tel./Fax : 08-931575

Mobile   : 71-489223 

Email : sales@dynamica-lb.com

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